Fuzhou Strait International Conference & Exhibition Center (FSICEC)

        FSICEC is located on the exhibition island of East Fuzhou City. It’s the only domestic exhibition center located within the FTA, covering an area of 670,000㎡. The construction takes up 440,000㎡ is composed by a conference center in the middle and exhibition halls on both sides. It’s currently one of the largest single exhibitions in China.


        The exhibition hall takes up 354,000 ㎡, consisting of four halls in east and west side. Net area reaches 120,000㎡. There are 10 indoor halls totally, occupied by 6,000 standard booths.

        The conference center takes up 86,000㎡, composed by 42 conference rooms, including Lobby Hall, Auditorium, Multi-function room and International Conference Hall, etc.

        With complete facilities, FSICEC is equipped with 1400 parking lots, business offices, service area, dining area, underground shopping malls, exhibition plaza and other facilities.

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